The contents of the Edition Hannah Arendt. Complete Works. Critical Edition can be accessed in multiple ways:


The “Texts” menu leads to the 17 volumes of the edition, as far as they have been completed and released for publication on the Web. For each volume, an overview page provides access to the edited texts and the editorial introductions. In addition, timelines provide insights into contexts of origin by presenting information on publication dates of individual texts, lectures and conferences, datable readings and correspondence as well as travels and work stays in a chronological order.

Accessing the edited texts leads to a single text view. The single text view allows to choose between different views on the text (diplomatic view, constituted text, facsimiles or XML code). Furthermore, tools for working with the text are provided (e. g. commentary apparatus, highlighting of mentioned persons). These tools will be further expanded continuously supplemented by additional tools in the future.

The tools section provides the external tool LERA (Locate, Explore, Retrace and Apprehend complex text variants) for specific text complexes of the edition. LERA is an interactive, web-based application for examining similarities and differences between multiple versions of a text. A manual on how to use LERA can be found here.


Currently, the “Indices” menu provides the list of persons mentioned in the edited texts. The index entries contain detailed information on individual persons and also serve as a navigational hub to either access the edited texts or explore linked authority file data.

Additional indices are under development.


The “About” menu provides general information on the project background, the participants, the editorial guidelines, and the publication schedule. All informationt is updated continuously.


The “Help” menu contains information on navigation and functionalities. A recommendation for citing edition resources is given and the approach to versioning the contents is explained. Furthermore, information on copyright and contact addresses is provided.


The search function offers research capabilities across all edited contents.

The search slot in the main navigation provides the starting point for all search operations. By entering a search term, a full-text search is performed. Subsequently, search results may be refined further using filtering and sorting functions.